Good News : Kunal Cheers Mishti Up in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

Good News : Kunal Cheers Mishti Up in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka
Good News : Kunal Cheers Mishti Up in Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka

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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka Latest Spoiler update, 28th December 2018

In the hospital, Mauli scolds Ishaan for being crazy. Ishaan says he is ready to die for a hundred times if he gets her. Mauli clarifies to Ishaan that it’s serious. He must be concerned. Ishaan asks Mauli if she can’t see his aching heart. Why is she leaving him then? She turns to leave but Ishaan shouts as if in pain. Mauli runs to hold his hand in concern. Ishaan says it’s less, but there is love. He insists on Mauli to marry him, she is troubling him, Mishti and herself as well by denying to marry. We all are so good together. Ishaan’s mother reach hospital and was shocked to see them hand in hand.
Kunal, as Santa Clause, hugs Mishti and Pari together and swirls around. He excitedly announces a lot of fun together on Christmas. Pari goes to dance with Mahek while Kunal takes Mishti’s hands to dance. They enjoy together. Afterwards, Santa Clause announce gifts for the kids. Mishti and Pari were excited to get their shares. Pari and Mishti put on their gift caps. Santa now demands a kiss from the girls, Mishti and Pari at once kiss his cheek. Santa agrees to fulfil one of their wish in return. Santa says he has come to know that Pari and Mishti Malhotra won’t even speak to each other. The girls stand with their backs facing each other. Santa says he can’t give these gifts to them anymore, these are for best friends and it will take him another year to get new ones. He suggests Mishti and Pari to be friends again. Mishti and Pari still stand annoyed. Santa turns to leave. Both Pari and Mishti hold his hands. Santa makes the girls hug each other. Both Mahek and Kunal were happy to see their plan successful. He now sits to hug the girls close to himself. Kunal thinks he always wished to hug and kiss Mishti, merry Christmas to her and a very merry Christmas to himself as well.

Mahek calls everyone to cut the cake. Mishti and Pari blow the candles together and hold Santa’s hand to cut the cake. Kunal then thanks Mahek to be his Santa and fulfilling his wish to hug Mishti. Mahek and the Santa announce dancing together, he watch Mishti looking towards the other kids from a corner, and a smile spread her face. Santa brings a special gift for Mishti. He notices she had a fight with her mama, and her mama scolded her. Mishti asks how he know about it. Santa claims to know everything. Santa offers Mishti to solve one of her wish, exclusively. He thinks Mishti’s smile is extremely cute. Mishti requests Santa to make Ishaan Popsy as her Popsy. Kunal was taken aback. Mishti says she knew he won’t be able to grant her wish. Santa says her Mama will marry Ishaan soon, and Ishaan will become her Popsy. Mishti breaks into tears as her Mama isn’t ready to marry Ishaan, Ishaan won’t be her Popsy anymore. Her Mama doesn’t let her speak to Popsy, or meet him either. Kunal decides to fix everything for Mishti and bring Ishaan back into Mauli’s life.
Sandhya comes inside and curses Mauli to be a bad omen. She questions why Mauli doesn’t leave them at all. Ishaan says it’s Mauli who brought him to hospital, it’s not her mistake. Sandhya says Mauli is taking advantage of his utmost love. A nurse comes with the bills, Mauli tells her to hand the bills at reception and leaves the room.
Santa asks why Mishti’s wish is important for her. Mishti cries that everyone has a Papa but she has none. Her Popsy loves her, saves her from scolding, loves Mama and Dadi and Dida as well, no one can be like her Popsy; he is the bestest. Kunal was thankful to Ishaan for taking care of his daughter so well. He bends in front of Mishti, hugs her closely and thinks Mishti is suffering because of him, he wish to be a magician but he is human.

It may take some time but he will fix her problem. Santa now stands up laughing and promising to fulfil her wish. The kids around cheer. Mahek asks the kids if they aren’t hungry. The kids reply No! Mahek asks they don’t even want ice-cream? The kids now cheerfully jumps. Santa now asks Mishti for three promises that she must not cry, fight with her friends and cause trouble at home. Mishti makes the promises. Santa demands a high five. Mishti asks who taught him High Five. Kunal gets nervous. Mahek now comes to save Kunal and tells Mishti their Santa is also advanced.
Mishti now runs to the table. Mahek teases Kunal for being nervous but appreciates that he made a crying girl smile. Pari and Mishti speak to each other about Mishti’s secret with the Santa. Pari now runs to Santa and requests him to fulfil a wish of her as well, she wants Santa that Mauli comes to live with her Buddy. Kunal stands up taken aback, he wonders how he can fulfil her wish. Pari leaves with a smile. Kunal was in a dilemma whose wish he must fulfil.

PRECAP: Radhika comes to meet Ishaan in the hospital. Sandhiya tells Radhika that their Mauli was given a choice and she rejected Ishaan to select Radhika and Dida.
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