Spoiler Alert: Zoya and Aditya’s love syappa ahead in Bepannah

Bepanah Spoiler Alert 4th September, 2018

The upcoming episode of Colors popular daily soap Bepannah is gearing up for some interesting twist and High Voltage drama.Zoya and Aditya’s life takes new turn and Aditya is too happy seeing how Zoya had thrown Arshad out of her life.

Zoya (Jennifer Winget) had taken stand for Aditya over Arshad and had broken all relationship with him.Aditya plans to take this opportunity and propose Zoya for his love and there Wasim is not at all happy with this.

Wasim is not happy seeing how Zoya took stand for Aditya Hooda over Arshad and tries to talk to Zoya but of no use.

Zoya and Aditya’s (Harshad)  love syappa,Zoya is not ready to listen to anything, while Aditya now confess love to Zoya as to how he has started to like her.

Will Zoya accept Aditya’s this love or will it give new shock to Aditya.

Stay tuned for more Bepannah exciting updates of the upcoming episodes only.

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