Spoiler Alert : Arshad finds something happening between Zoya and Aditya in Bepannaah

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Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Bepannaah serial on Colors.

It would be seen that Aditya gets to know that Zoya loves him, since she feels bad when he gets insulted by Arshad.

Zoya Siddiqui is affected by Aditya’s presence. She stays upset with him. She tells Aditya (Harshad)  that she will marry Arshad. Aditya is sure that she won’t be able to marry Arshad.

Arshad finds something happening between Zoya (Jennifer Winget) and Aditya.

Meanwhile, Wasim is happy that Aditya Hooda is befriending Arshad. He doesn’t want Aditya to ruin their happiness.

Aditya (Harshad) behaves polite and tries to impress Wasim. He hopes to end Zoya’s annoyance. He wishes Zoya Siddiqui accepts his love.

Viewers will have to gear up for some high voltage drama on the wedding day of Zoya and Arshad? How will Zoya (Jennifer Winget)  realize her love for Aditya?

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