Jai humiliate Aadhya on internet in Internet Wala Love

Internet Wala Love: Jai humiliate Aadhya on internet via viral video stuck with married tag

Internet Wala Love: Jai  makes Aadhya MMS and Virals it on internet

Colors Tv’s newbie and lovable daily soap show  Internet Wala Love  is up for some high voltage melodrama in upcoming track of the show.

As latest track of the show Jai is furious over Aadhya (Tunisha Sharma)  and assumes her irritating where he wants to throw Aadhya out of RJ.

While Jai (Shivin Narang)  get furious over Aadhya where he plans to trouble Aadhya where he makes Aadhya video of climbing through balcony, and post it on internet.

Everyone put allegation over Aadhya

However where at this point everyone puts allegation over Aadhya where Aadhya is innocent,

While jai (Shivin Narang) confessed everyone that Aadhya tried to elope with her lover and also married him.

Will Aadhya (Tunisha Sharma)  able to defeat Jai in his evil tasks?

It would be interesting to see coming up spicy drama, and what will happen next?

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