High Voltage Drama Ahead in Naagin 3

Colors Naagin 3: OMG! Yuvi returns back from death and Bela proposes Yuvi not Mahir

And here is another shocker for Bela (Surbhi Jyoti) who just realized her love for Mahir (Pearl V Puri).

Colors thriller saga Naagin 3 is up for a shocking return of Actor Ankit Mohan who portrayed the character of Yuvraj Sehgal aka Yuvi.

Bela succumbs Shahnawaz to death and now returns back to th family where she determines to express love for Mahir.

But as soon as she hugs Mahir from behind and confesses her love to him, she is shocked finding the guy being Yuvi, not Mahir.

Mahir misunderstands Bela

Yuvi's shocking return from death has left Bela (Surbhi)  perplexed while here Mahir is left shattered hearing Bela's love confession for Yuvi.

It would be highly intense to watch how Yuvi's return will create misunderstandings amid Bela and Mahir's marital relationship.

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