Bepannaah 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya And Aditya Leave Hooda House

Bepannaah 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya And Aditya Leave Hooda House

Bepannah 27th September 2018 Written Episode Update

Zoya And Aditya Leave Hooda House

Epi begins with Aditya  Hooda telling his mother that Zoya loves him. She cannot even dream of spending her life with anyone else. It is just like I love her and cannot even think of marrying anyone else! Anjana Hooda keeps looking at their hands. This isn’t love! She is just acting. She is taking advantage of you. She is a gold digger. He tells her to stop. I would have never looked back at the person or spoken to him if anyone else had said this. Don’t forget that you are speaking against the would be DIL of this house. If I cannot hear anything against you then I will also not hear anything against Zoya! He goes to Harsh.

You offered to talk to Zoya’s Abbu so I brought her here to seek your blessings. Anjana tells him he will only get cursed. You will never be happy with this girl! I will never bless you guys! Harsh too tells her to stop. It is enough. They both could have married too but they dint do it. They have come to us to seek our support and blessings whereas you are only scolding them. Anjana refuses to let her son spoil his life. I wont! I will never bless them! Aditya steps back and holds Zoya’s hand once again. We will feel bad if you wont bless us but I will only marry Zoya! Anjana looks pointedly at Zoya. She asks Harsh if he is satisfied now.

Zoya Siddiqui stepped in the house and created a rift between mother and son. Harsh tells her to stop. He assures Aditya his decision is right. You both should marry asap. Zoya smiles a little in relief. Harsh tells them not to worry about Anjana. She is a little upset right now but will be fine soon. Anjana refuses to accept this marriage ever. Aditya  Hooda will have to either choose Zoya Siddiqui or me. If she will come in this house as DIL then only either of us will stay in this house! She heads inside.
Zoya Siddiqui requests Aditya  Hooda and Harsh to stop her. I don’t want Aditya and his mother to fight over me. Aditya knows his mother is more stubborn than him. We cannot influence her to change her decision if she has made up her mind already. Harsh goes after Anjana. Zoya requests Aditya again. This time he goes after his father.

Roshnaq is still thinking of what happened today. Noor asks her why she isn’t eating. Roshnaq replies that she cannot eat. Noor tells her that Abbu has eaten already. I cannot believe he has eaten already. He is acting as if nothing happened! Roshnaq calls Wasim and Zoya stubborn. We haven’t heard anything from Zoya too. Don’t know if she is fine or not. She asks Noor to call Zoya. Noor calls Aditya but gets no response. Roshnaq asks her to call Arjun. Noor is in a fix but Roshnaq insists upon talking to Zoya. Noor dials Arjun’s number.

Arjun  Hooda picks the call and tells Noor that Zoya Siddiqui is fine. I will hand over the phone to her. Noor thinks he dint even let her say hello. Are we so distant now? Zoya Siddiqui is also thinking about today’s incident and trying to fight back tears. Anjana’s words haunt her as well. She is distracted by a knock on the door. Arjun tells Zoya there is a call for her. Roshnaq asks Noor if the call got connected. Noor nods.

Zoya takes the phone from Arjun and thanks him. Noor has put the phone on speaker. Roshnaq deduces it from her voice that she is crying. Is Aditya with you? Zoya agrees. Roshnaq asks her if she is in Huda House. Zoya says yes. How is Abbu? Noor and Roshnaq go quiet seeing Wasim glaring at them. Remember one thing clearly. Zoya is dead for this house! Have you heard it or shall I repeat it? Roshnaq requests him not to say so but he holds out his hand. Anyone who disagrees with me is free to leave this house. It is the tradition of the house after all to disrespect in front of everyone! Zoya tells him that she was the one who called. Don’t worry. I wont call again. Saying so, she disconnects the call. Noor, Zoya and Roshnaq are in tears.

Zoya Siddiqui hears some sound and goes outside to check. Anjana has packed her bags and refuses to stay in the house. Aditya  Hooda  says this is your house. You have built it. Wont we value you? She tells him not to call her Ma. You don’t know the meaning. You aren’t married to her yet but you have already been so rude to me! Zoya says I have hurt my Abbu today for the very same reason. I don’t want you and Aditya to become distant with each other. Please give us a chance. Aditya gives her his swear. I will do as you say but you wont leave the house. Anjana  Hooda  tells him that she does not want to see Zoya in her house again. Will you be able to do it? Aditya looks at her. Harsh and Arjun ask her what she is saying but Aditya accepts her wish. You wont see Zoya in this house again after today! He turns to Zoya next and holds her hand. Come. Anjana  Hooda asks him what he is doing. Where are you going? Aditya  Hooda replies that this is her house. If it is her decision that she does not want to see Zoya in this house then he will respect and accept it. I have held onto her hand now. This is for forever. You too must respect my decision. If there is no place for Zoya in this house then there is no place in this house for me too! Zoya is emotional while Anjana looks stunned.

Aditya is packing his bag. Zoya Siddiqui tries to make Aditya understand it isn’t the right thing to do. I have lost my father today. I don’t want you to lose your mother too. You said your mother is stubborn like you and does everything as she loves you. If we look from her perspective, it is ok for her to hate me. He asks her why and how is it possible. I brought you here and it is my decision to leave! She should hate me and not you. Zoya reasons that Anjana’s words will come true if they leave today. Aditya explains to her that no one can come between a mother and a son. She does not know you which is why she is upset with me. I brought you here. She will have to one day understand that this is the best decision of my life! I know I have messed up a lot lately but I will fix everything. She helps him pack his bag quietly. They hold each other’s hand again. Zoya tells him that from today onwards she will be wherever he will be. They step out of the room together.

Harsh  Hooda asks Anjana if she really thinks Aditya  Hooda  will leave Zoya even after knowing what all happened today. I am warning you. You have to handle it. She blames Zoya Siddiqui for everything. Arjun comes to tell them that Aditya is leaving but Anjana does not care. He will come back to his senses after facing life. He will realise things go wrong whenever this girl is with him. He couldn’t be loyal to her own father! How will she be loyal to him? Harsh tells her to be quiet as Zoya and Aditya are around but she does not budge. He goes with Arjun to try and stop Aditya and Zoya.

Arjun  Hooda tries to stop his brother but Aditya denies. Harsh tells Aditya that it is a good thing that he is trying to give respect to his would be wife. I am very proud of you. If I was in your place, I might have done the same thing. Aditya  Hooda  says Wasim Siddiqui Uncle thinks I cannot keep her happy so he broke all relations with her. I don’t want to do anything which might prove him to be right. I don’t want to see her getting insulted every day. You know Ma wont talk to her nicely at all. Now I will come in the house when she gets the same respect that I get in this house.

Precap: Aditya and Zoya Siddiqui are at a romantic place lit up with candles and roses. He says you were asking what our relation is. this is my answer. It is time for you to answer. He kneels down in front of her and holds out a ring. Ms. Zoya Siddiqui, I love you immensely and want to spend my entire life with you. Will you marry me? She smiles shyly.
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