SHOCKING! Dadi throws Anika out of Oberoi Mansion in Ishqbaaaz

Episode starts with Shivaay Oberoi trying to bring Anika to consciousness, he cries and screams. Shivaay says he is bothered about her and screams that.

Anika (Surbhi)  coughs and slowly says thank you to Shivaay. Shivaay holds Anika close to him, Bhavya sees them and informs that the ambulance is reaching and Daksh is arrested. Shivaay carries Anika in his arms, Shivaay looks at Daksh and says Thank you to Bhavya. Bhavya gets emotional and salutes Shivaay.

In Oberoi Mansion, all get shocked to see Anika's condition. Shivaay puts Anika on the bed and tries to revive her. He makes her drink water. Anika calls Shivaay, Anika tries to get up and talk, but she becomes unconscious again. All get shocked, Gauri screams. The doctor puts Anika on Oxygen and says smoke has accumulated in Anika's lungs and hence she must get proper oxygen supply. Shivaay next to Anika and assures that nothing will happen to her. During the night, the power goes off suddenly.

Anika's oxygen supply stops, Anika becomes breathless. Gauri Oberoi gets hysterical, Shivaay calms her. Shivaay goes to check the electricity supply, he tries to start the supply. Shivaay hears Gauri's cries, He connects the live wires and gets a massive electric shock. The power supply returns and Anika's oxygen supply starts. Tej gets shocked to Shivaay's Oberoi condition, Khanna pulls him back, Shivaay gets unconscious. Anika opens her eyes, she asks for Shivaay. In the morning, the doctor treats Shivaay and says Shivaay Oberoi is fine and destiny saved him. tej gets shocked over Shivaay's actions to save Anika. Dadi comes and gets worried. Dadi holds Anika responsible for Shivaay's condition. Tej Oberoi agrees to Dadi, Jhanvi disagrees. Dadi remains adamant. Jhanvi says Shivaay and Anika love each other. Dadi says Anika is taking advantage of Shivaay and she will stop it. Anika asks Gauri to call Shivaay. Gauri and Priyanka console her. Anika gets up to go to Shivaay, Dadi comes and stops Anika. She tells Anika to stop her drama and says Shivaay is in such condition because of her. Dadi tells Anika that Shivaay Oberoi  never came and admitted that Anika is his wife and says because of Anika, Shivaay's life is in danger.

 All get shocked. Dadi calls Anika Oberoi  a taboo. Dadi tells Anika to leave the Oberoi Mansion before Shivaay regains consciousness. Anika asks Dadi to let her meet Shivaay once, Dadi refuses. Anika begs to meet Shivaay, Anika cries bitterly.

Anika tells Priyanka that it is better that she leaves Oberoi Mansion, Priyanka tries to stop her. Anika and Gauri are seen leaving.
SHOCKING! Dadi throws Anika out of Oberoi Mansion in Ishqbaaaz SHOCKING! Dadi throws Anika out of Oberoi Mansion in Ishqbaaaz Reviewed by Unknown on August 31, 2018 Rating: 5

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