Rangoli to bring more trouble for Pankti in Tu Aashiqui

Tu Aashiqui upcoming story: Rangoli to bring more problems for Pankti

Colors serial Tu Aashiqui latest news. Tu Ashiqui latest news

It would be seen that Pankti’s (Jannat) troubles get high. Pankti has to record a new song. She gets caught by in a bad situation again. Someone plots against her.

Ahaan (Ritvik Arora) realizes that someone is intentionally hurting Pankti and getting her insulted. He doesn’t doubt on Rangoli. He instead suspects Vikram. Pankti is asked to deposit money to get membership in the singers association.

When she faces the taunts for her background, Ahaan takes a step to defend her. Pankti gets humiliated. On returning home, Anita scolds Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) and asks her to leave the right path. Anita Sharma  feels Pankti can’t earn a living the right way. Pankti saves some money to give to the singers association and become a member.

Pankti gets ready to meet the music director and give the money to enroll herself. She gets a big shock when she finds the money missing. She realizes Anita Sharma  has stolen the money. She thinks to sell off her jewelry. She asks Anita Sharma  about the money. She asks Anita why does she always steal her money. Anita denies the blames.

She tells Pankti that she didn’t take any money, why would she steal a little amount that’s not sufficient for her expenses. She tells Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani) that she has no idea about the money and can’t help. Pankti cries that she will miss the big recording song.

 She tells Anita Sharma  that she got the singing offer, she had to sing the song which Rangoli was supposed to sing. She says the music director liked my voice a lot, I have to give money and become a member of the association in order to sing the song formally as a singer. She tells how important it is for her to make the membership card. Pankti is sure to cross all the hurdles and make her career.

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