Suraj’s re-entry to bring sone new twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Raman and Ishita bhalla wonder who is the real culprit behind the fraud scam. Kiran gets affected by Ishita’s words. She calls up Suraj and asks him to meet her for a talk. Romi tells Mihika that he is leaving for some work. He lies to her. He wishes to sort the matter some way. Kiran meets Suraj and tells him that she will not support him in the illegal activities now. She doesn’t want more lives to get ruined.

Kiran tells him about Sonakshi’s suicide. He tells her that he has done just his business, everyone knew the risk and signed the bond by their self will. She feels guilty.

 She tells him that her family is suffering because of her. She feels she is cheating Bala by hiding her involvement in the scam. She asks Suraj to run the fraud company alone. She tells him that she quits the work.

He reminds her the deal she signed, knowing the risks. She threatens to expose him in front of the police. He tells her that he will ruin her if she ruins him. He clears that he isn’t like Ashok, who had a change of heart before death. He doesn’t know why Ashok turned good towards Raman and Ishita. He hates Ishra and wants to ruin them. He threatens Kiran to keep doing the work, else he will kill Bala.

He asks her to think of her husband and children. He asks her not to test his limits. He tells her that he will make her family pay the price if she goes against him. Kiran gets helpless to agree to him in order to save Bala’s life. Raman and Ishita feel bad about Mr. Bhalla’s illness.

Romi bhalla reaches the doctor to know about Mr. Bhalla’s health condition. He tells Raman that he wanted to follow up. Raman (Karan Patel)  thanks him for being a good son and brother. Raman and Romi talk to doctor and take his advice. Ishita makes a diet chart for Mr. Bhalla. The entire family supports him in the new diet. Meanwhile, Adi bhalla makes an apology to Aaliya. He gifts her a bouquet. He tells her that he really regrets for his mistakes. He tries to show the family that everything got fine between Aaliya and him.

He asks Aaliya to get ready for their special date. Raman and Ishita bhalla  too like the date idea and plan one for themselves. Bala tries to find out the culprit, while Kiran hides the truth. The family doesn’t care for Kiran, assuming her to be a criminal. Kiran gets much heartbroken by their bitterness. Suraj continues to blackmail Kiran about Bala’s life. Raman and Ishita get clued about Kiran’s aide.
Suraj’s re-entry to bring sone new twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Suraj’s re-entry to bring sone new twist in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Reviewed by Unknown on May 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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