Shocking Twist and Turns in Star Plus Yeh hai Mohabbatein

Ishita and Raman (Karan Patel) spy on the lawyer who bailed out Kiran. They find out the person involved in the scam. They learn Kiran’s aide. Mani meets Roshni and scolds her for her relation with Adi. Mani meets her land lady and asks her about the fuse issues.

 The land lady lies to him about Adi. She threatens to call police and sends away Mani. Roshni thanks the land lady for lying for her. Roshni talks to Adi. She tells him that she is feeling bad because of their relation.

She feels guilty to lie to Mani. Adi tells her that he wants to be with her. He justifies that her relation isn’t wrong. Ishita and Raman fool the lawyer and get away from his office. They can’t believe that a Bhalla family member has bailed out Kiran. Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) wants to know the reason for the bail. Raman doesn’t want the matter to reach family. She tells him that they have to confront the family member.

Adi and Roshni meet at the cafe. She doesn’t want him to fall in more troubles. She asks Adi to not meet her. She tells him that they can’t do wrong with Aaliya. She just wants to be his friend. Adi asks her to realize their feelings. She doesn’t want to break any limits. She doesn’t want any complications in her life. He tells her that he doesn’t feel anything for Aaliya now. She doesn’t believe his changing feelings. Raman and Ishita head to home to confront the family member.

 Ruhi bhalla asks them if they got any clue. Kiran feels guilty seeing Bala’s pain. She tells Bala that she will leave from his life. Bala tells Kiran that he will prove her innocent. Bala assures her that he will set everything fine.

Ruhi questions Raman (Karan Patel) about the scam. She asks him to find the culprit. Ruhi wants the person to get severely punished. Ruhi angers Raman by her verbal arguments. Raman asks her not to say a word. Raman confronts Mr. Bhalla about bailing out Kiran. He accepts that he has done Kiran’s bail to help the Iyers. He couldn’t see Bala in such pain. He apologizes to the family. He accepts his mistake for committing the fraud. He tells Raman that Kiran has made the company on his name. He reveals that he didn’t know about the illegal fraud, but he believes Kiran. He feels indebted to Kiran, who has done a lot for them. He tells Raman that the family was shattering in past years, when Ishita wasn’t with them. She reveals about their heart disease.

He tells Raman bhalla  that Kiran has helped him out. He says Kiran is a really good person. He asks them to forgive Kiran for her mistake. Raman and Ishita bhalla  meet Kiran and Bala. They make an apology to Kiran. Raman   (Karan Patel) thanks Kiran for saving Mr. Bhalla’s life.

 He regrets for doubting on Kiran before. Bala gets angered on Raman and Ishita. Ishita justifies Raman’s move. She wants the real culprit to get caught. She asks Bala to ask Kiran about the culprit. She doesn’t want Kiran to hide the culprit’s name. Bala asks Ishita not to compel Kiran. Raman bhalla  and Ishita bhalla will be soon following the real culprit.
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