Real Culprit (Fasaad Ki Jadd ) Of Whole Drama Finally Revealed In Yeh hai Mohabbtein (Its Not Param)

In Star Plus most well-liked show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein viewers will get to witness shocking twist in tale.It was earlier seen that Ruhi was doubtful about Pooja dating someone from Bhalla family at the same time as Ishita rubbished off the same.furthermore now even Shagun has witnessed the same but she suspected Param for having an affair.
Shagun and Ishita’s this thinking backfired as it’s someone else and not Param.
In the forthcoming chapter, Mihika will alert Raman about Adi’s foul behaviour.
in addition, it’s also seen that Adi is very busy with something and not able to give time to Aaliya too.
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