Namkaran: WTF Mishti calls Neil papa instead of Vidyut

Namkaran: WTF Mishti calls Neil papa instead of Vidyut
Namkaran 31 October 2017

 In Star Plus most popular daily soap in Namkaran 31 October 2017 is going to take unexpected twist &  turns in forthcoming track.
It was earlier seen that, Avni and Neil pretended to broke up before entire family for sake of Mishti.

at the same time as this all is preplanned where Avni &  Neil are in secret mission without anyone else knowing about it.
additional in Goa Neil is showering his fatherly love toward Mishti while Avni is muted with all this.
Soon in forthcoming series, viewers will come to know that Mishti and Neil will share father and daughter bond.
anywhere Mishti wants her father like Neil and also calls papa to Neil instead of Vidyut.
at the same time as Avni is muted witnessing Mishti calling Neil father while Neil is also unaware of the truth that Mishti is Vidyut and Juhi’s daughter.
It would be interesting to see what will happen next in the show.
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