Maya's New Move Against Arjun Revealed In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

The forthcoming high intensity drama of Beyhadh will show some major drama.Maya finally traps Aarohi emotionally and tries to harm her....Beside this Maya's poisonous attack of mixing poison in Arjun's chocolate makes everybody scared.
Ayaan, Jhanvi, Suman &  Saanjh each one gets worried particularly for Aarohi because Maya met Aarohi once.
additional Ayaan gets overprotective for Aarohi and blames Arjun for risking Aarohi's life.
Arjun, Saanjh everyone tries to confess Ayaan but Ayaan listens to none and leaves home with Aarohi.
Ayaan will shift his home with Aarohi at the same time as Maya's mission to crack Arjun and Ayaan's brotherly relation gets success.
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