Major Changes In StoryPlot Of Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming chapter of Ishqbaaz will show some eye catching drama in Senior Oberoi’s life.Tej &  Shakti finally reveal that they only trapped Vishal Singh Oberoi to get Kalyani Mills coverage cash.
consequently simplest one witness is left who is Shukla…
Tej &  Shakti imprison Shukla to unfold complete mystery on the other hand Shukla fails to inform about the blackmailer who took tapes from him.
In the forthcoming Chapter Shukla will take in for questioning Abhay being the one who took tape from him…
consequently Shukla decides to tell this truth to Tej and further he also decides to unfold the truth that Abhay is the one who is blackmailing Oberoi’s to seek revenge.
It would be interesting to watch how Shukla will unveil Abhay’s truth to Tej &  how Tej and Shakti will dig Vishal’s past.
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