WTF That's Why Anika Refuse To Marry Shivaay In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming chapter of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some high voltage drama.
Shivaay &  Anika are happy together and are all set to begin their new life and are up for remarriage.
Anika feels bad that Pinky has been boycotted with the aid of all, Shivaay had damaged all his courting with Pinky.
Anika tries to speak to Shivaay &  asks him to forgive Pinky on the equal time as Shivaay isn't geared up for it.
Shivaay refuses to forgive Pinky St any fee, on the same time as Anika additionally vows to unite Shivaay and Pinky before wedding ceremony.
Anika will as a consequence create her drama &  will refuse to marry Shivaay, Shivaay and others will get taken aback.
Anika will thus ask Shivaay to forgive Pinky &  unite before wedding.
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