Very Shocking Twist Ahead In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

The forthcoming chapter of  Colors Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki is all set to show some high voltage drama.
Though Tanuja &  Rishi have blocked each other’s number closing all doors of communication, their heart still beats for each other.
In malice of all the differences between them, Tanuja &  Rishi wish to get back together.
on the other hand, misunderstanding has crept deep into their relation &  they are not willing to take the initiative to compromise.
additional, Tanuja also observes Abhishek’s love for Natasha as he prefers her over his business.
Abhishek makes sure he spends time with Natasha even at the cost of important office work.
therefore, Tanuja feels it is good for Natasha to be with Abhishek as she will have fatherly love from him.
Rishi on the other hand would focus more on his work and be busy all the time.
on the other hand, she wonders if she would be happy with Abhishek or would she be able to forget Rishi and love Abhishek ever.

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