This Amazing Thing Happened in Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus show Ishqbaaz is keeping viewers glued with exciting Ishqbaazi and twists.As per the ongoing track, it’s seen that Anika and Gauri leave for Suman’s wedding leaving Shivaay and Omkara behind.
During their travelling, Gauri shares her secret with Anika about learning English to bolt from the blue Omkara.
Anika thus confronts Gauri where she enlightens that she is perfect for Omkara and language does not matter.
Anika also opens up about Shivaay &  her relation where the duos are poles apart and now their love is just inseparable.
Gauri thus puts light that she just wanted to share her gesture of love for Omkara as she is like elder sister to her.
Are Anika and Gauri sisters in real?
It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show and how Anika and Gauri’s past unfold further.
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