That's How Maya's Death will Take Place In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony TV’s Beyhadh love saga is up to bring climax of the storyline in the forthcoming chapter.
Maya’s every practice to kill Saanjh is failed.
at the same time as Maya celebrates her happiness assuming Saanjh died, Arjun and Saanjh comes to meet Maya.
To make Maya fume with jealous Arjun kisses Saanjh in front of Maya.
But in the forthcoming track a major track is up to mark most sensational storyline.
Maya’s last day has come where Maya is taken to be hanged on noose giving her death sentence.
at the same time as Maya is standing on her death bed, Saanjh goes missing on wedding day.
Where is Saanjh…??? Who kidnapped Saanjh if Maya is in jail…??
Yet to unfold another mystery with Maya’s death…will Maya die…??

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