Tanu hides Rishi from Abhi In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyar ki

In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki of Color’s TV will show some interesting turn of events in its upcoming episodes.As the custody fight goes on, Rishi gets emotional and bursts into tears pleading judge to give back his daughter.
The Judge who hates men feels sympathy for Rishi and feels that he isn’t lying and there may be a few massive mystery that is hidden.
In the interim, Abhi’s lawyer Mr.Batra plays drama of coronary heart assault and gets the court adjourned.
Then again, before leaving Judge tells Naitra to spare Rishi of further misery via revealing the darkish mystery.
Naitra gets stunned hearing Judge’s phrases and wonders if she is chargeable for Rishi’s circumstance.
More it will be visible that Rishi meets Tanuja inside the absence of Abhishek.
Tanuja will harm her finger and Rishi will bandage her finger while they proportion an excessive eye locking moment.
Tanuja will try to push Rishi out of house when she will hear Abhi coming.
It will seen that Tanuja will make Rishi hide in the house and distract Abhi.
Will Rishi be caught by Abhi?
What was Rishi’s purpose of meeting Tanu in Abhi’s absence?
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