Shaurya’s master plan to divorce Mehek In Zee tv's Zindagi Ki Mehak

Viewers of Zee TV’s well-liked show Zindagi Ki Mehek will soon come up with some major twist &  turn in storyline.
Shaurya &  Mehek have finally cleared one step as Mehek gains entry in to Khanna House.
Ajay is so deeply involved with Mehek that he goes against his family and takes Mehek into his House.
Nikki vapors in anger as she sees Ajay playing puppet to Mehek.
Mehek and Kanta have a good time however on the same time are tensed as they enter Khanna House.
Shaurya wants Mehek and Kanta to finish off the plan soon and are available returned safe with belongings papers.
Additional as according to plan, Shaurya makes fake divorce papers and hands it over to Mehek.
Seeing the divorce papers, all people is astonished and Mehek too pretends to gain sympathy from Ajay.
Therefore, Ajay is completely trapped by Mehek’s drama while Nikki receives greater adamant to throw Mehek out of Ajay’s life and Khanna House.
It will be motivating to see if Mehek will be able to sneak the papers out safely or Nikki expose her.
What will Ajay do if he gets to know of Mehek’s love drama?

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