Nisha’s emotional trap for Jhanvi In Zee Tv's Woh Apna Sa

In ZEE TV’s forthcoming chapter of Woh Apna Sa is up for some drastic havoc in Adi and Jhanvi’s love life.
Nisha has taken her evil avatar to damage Adi &  Jhanvi’s love life at any fee.
Inside the interim Nisha is trying Shaam Daam Dand Bhed system to make Jhanvi leave Adi’s life.
On one side Jhanvi is already getting entice in Nisha’s Samar trap.
Thus Nisha plans to risk her lifestyles and she steps to devote suicide after sending video confession to Jhanvi.
Nisha’s massive entice works on Jhanvi whilst Jhanvi comes and saves Nisha.
Nisha makes Jhanvi consider that Adi doesn’t love her and he or she can’t endure this ache.
Nisha wings on cloud nine when Jhanvi promises Nisha to unite her and Adi’s love.
It would be interesting to watch as what will be Nisha’s next trap for Jhanvi.

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