Neil’s master move against GuruMaa In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

The forthcoming track of Star Plus popular show Naamkaran will finally showcase Neil getting hold of GuruMaa aka Ragini Pandit.It was earlier seen that Neil had arrested GuruMaa and has already put her behind the bars.As we all know GuruMaa being over smart used to elope out of jail in Neil and his team’s absence.
Soon inside the collection to come, way to Avni, Neil can be capable of spread that GuruMaa is only Ragini Pandit who is doing this entire gambling of buying and selling girls where his past love Juhi is likewise trapped

Neil will trap GuruMaa crimson surpassed and will say her tag line Dugga Dugaa whilst she will make her re-entry within the prison.
Neil shifts GuruMaa to an  prison
GuruMaa will stand shocked after getting stuck.
Moreover, Neil will shift GuruMaa at an isolated prison where GuruMaa can't escapeeasily .
What will GuruMaa do to escape from jail once again as GuruMaa is extremely over smart then Neil?


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