Neil handcuffs Avni and traps her In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

The current storyline of Star plus Naamkaran is shwing major breakdown amid Ali, Neil, Avni and Riya's life.
Dayawanti &  Amol's heinous conspiracy is getting intense to kill Avi trapping Neil.
in the meantime Avni has decides that she will find her friend Ali and will prove that he didn't kidnapped Riya.
In the forthcoming episode Neil gets some information about Ali and he steps to find Ali...
in addition Avni learns that Neil is going to save Ali and she also confesses Neil to take her with him.
Neil as usual asks Avni to sit in Ali's cafe making Avni comfort that he will find Ali.
Avni denies and again comes with him, Neil takes Avni to corner and shares romantic eye-lock Avni lost in Neil's love, Neil handcuffs Avni and traps her.
Neil then calls DD to spy Avni and Neil leaves to find Ali.

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