Maya’s poisonous attack For Saanjh In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony Entertainment Televisions most thrilling romantic saga Beyhadh is set on high heels to mark series climax.
With story taking drastic and interesting u-turns, Maya’s revenge is getting intense in the middle of Saanjh &  Arjun’s wedding.
Arjun &  Saanjh are up to celebrate their Sangeet ceremony in which Maya’s master stroke Kinnar strive poison in Saanjh’s drink.
Maya is on cloud nine assuming that her master card Kinnar will surely kill Saanjh but she is ignorant that Arjun’s love will save Saanjh.
Saanjh steps to drink juice but amid which Subh hits the glass and juice fells down failing Maya’s poisonous attack.
It would be very interesting to watch as how Maya will again trap Saanjh after getting defeat in Kinnar’s trap.

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