Gauri's New Avtaar Will Been Seen For Omkara In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In the forthcoming chapter of Star plus Ishqbaaz, Omkara and Gauri's life is up to face drastic havoc.
Yes, Omkara is about to get hospitalize making Gauri extreme heartbroken.
Omkara and Gauri takes up Dangal challenge in which Gauri fights goons to win.
at the same time as Omkara &  Gauri are on mission to get back Shiv Parvati idol, Omkara gets badly injured.
Omkara thus gets hospitalize as his critical condition gets intense worsens.
Omkara is struggling with life &  death where in between goons enters to kill Omkara in hospital.
in the meantime Gauri takeover her Jadugar avatar &  pours smoke in room....with fire extinguisher...
Goons feels dizzy & unexpectedly they see that Gauri flees off taking Omkara away from Goons attack.
After goons exit, Gauri will be seen in same room with Omkara as she be-fools the goons.
Will Gauri's love be able to save Omkara? 
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