Babasa save Adi and Jhanvi relation In Zee Tv's Woh Apna Sa

In ZEE TV’s daily soap Woh Apna Sa will show some interesting twist in its upcoming episodes.
As seen, Jhanvi is trapped by Nisha’s blood cancer drama.
Jhanvi tries to fulfil Nisha’s last wish by making place for her in Adi’s life.
Therefore, Jhanvi distances herself from Adi and lies to him on diverse occasions developing rift among them.
Adi’s heart doesn’t agree however still he starts doubting Jhanvi.
On the other hand, Babasa sees the crack rising amid Adi and Jhanvi and is derived to the rescue.
Babasa makes Adi take into account that Jhanvi is natural at coronary heart and constant in all her family members.
additional Babasa’s words make Adi realize the he owe to Jhanvi as she has taken the responsibility of his daughters.
Will this realization bring Adi and Jhanvi closer again?

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