Ariohi’s master plan targets Deep next In Colors Ishq Mein Marjawan

In Colors new show higly sensational and romantic thriller Ishq Mein Marjawan is showing interesting track since it started.
A story of a criminal &  innocent person who interns to fall in passionate love for each other meanwhile sacrifices each other.
According To Storyline , Deep is adamant to get Arohi’s love while Arohi is adamant to maintain distance from him.
Till now Arohi was firm to not accept Deep’s proposal but now she turned her game.
Arohi learns that Deep is rich business tycoon but has no attitude for his money.
Arohi thus turns opportunistic and decides to accept Deep’s marriage proposal.
Arohi well knows that Deep is innocent and will never her truth that she is serial killer…
Misleading Deep’s emotions, soon Arohi will accept Deep’s wedding proposal.

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