Anami will take a ambitious stand towards Poonam In Rishton ka Chakravyuh

In Star Plus well-liked show Rishton ka Chakravyuh viewers will get to witness high voltage drama along with Navratri celebrations.
Anami could be visible organizing Durga Pooja in Lal Mahal towards the contributors of the family.
As we all know, that Anami will do what she desires however Anami’s mother Satrupa and Dadi may be satisfied with this circulate of Anami.
Anami will be seen decked up for Navratri and so does her bodyguard cum pal Poonam.
One NRI man will try to molest Poonam where Poonam will get scared and shattered.
Anami will take a ambitious stand towards Poonam and could be visible thrashing up the fellow.
On the alternative side, everyone else might be visible praising Anami’s innocence and could get stunned to witness Anami’s Tsunami avatar.
It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show.
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