Amol To Kill Avni In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

In Star Plus’ show Naamkaran viewers will get to witness interesting twist in tale as Avni will be seen notifying Neil about Ali being blameless in Jalebi drama and Ria’s kidnapping case.
Neil will tranquil Avni down and enlighten that he will have to investigate this case carefully and then will come to a conclusion.
On the other hand, Avni will be adamant Neilt to consider them even as Neil will walk away.
Seeing disillusioned Avni, Amol will take gain of this case and hug Avni.
Amol will enlighten that he admire his sister and Ali.
Amol will try and divert Avni’s mind &  proportion an touching hug.
On the other side, the professional sharp shooter is aiming Avni to end her chapter.
Let’s wait and watch for the upcoming twist Of Naamkaran


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