Amol attempt to kill Neil against Avni In Star Plus Show Naamkaran

In the forthcoming chapter of Star Plus show Naamkaran viewers will get to witness Vijaydashami where Avni will end all the evilness taking Durga avatar.We had earlier seen Avni in Kaali avatar where she wanted to kill Daya but Neil stopped Avni.
Once again, Avni will be seen taking Durga avatar but to kill both Ragini Pandit and Daya.
Avni will pour kerosene on Ragini and fire torch to burn out Ragini.
Avni will also push Daya along with Ragini but Amol will counter attack Neil.
Amol will aim gun at Neil to kill him where Avni will fall weak.
Shockingly, Avni will witness Amol’s true face where all this while he was supporting Daya and not Avni.
Daya too will kick away Avni and run away with Amol.
Neil will be seen supporting Avni.
Is this the end?
Will Daya escape once again along with Amol?
This time it has to be end of Daya forever.
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