Amazing Twist In Coming episode Of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

In Colors Show Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki will get to see some interesting drama in its forthcoming chapter.
It is seen that Rishi rushes to school worried as he gets call from Tanya’s teacher saying she has pain in her eyes.
As Natasha sees Tanya leaving with Rishi, she tells Rishi to take her too.
on the other Side , Natasha gets saddened, as Tanuja does not give permission.
Natasha plays drama of stomach pain and leaves with Rishi.
additional, they call Tanuja and inform her that they are at the restaurant for ice cream.
therefore, Tanuja reaches the restaurant and once again Rishi and Tanuja get to share some time with each other.
on the other hand, how will Abhishek react if he gets to know about their meet up?
It is very clear that Rishi and Tanuja wants each other but will Abhishek let it happen?

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