WTF Nobody Expecting This Move Of Pinky! Real illegitmate Truth is Revealed In Ishqbaaz (Its not What You Think )

In the forthcoming maha-chapter of Ishqbaaz finally the real reason behind Shivaay and Anika's separation will get unfold.
It will be seen that Shivaay will come to know the truth that he is not Pinky's real son.
Moreover Shivaay's illegitimate truth makes Shivaay shocked but meanwhile he is thankful that Anika hide this truth for his happiness.
Amid this truth he is upset that due to this reason they were departed their ways...
Moving ahead Shivaay will trap a plan amid Oberoi family...
Thus Shivaay will give all his property to Anika, Shivaay will ask Anika to sign the property papers as he is giving all his property nd business to her.
Pinky will get irked over Shivaay's step and she will tear the property papers.
in the meantime Shivaay will reveal that Anika has forfeit much for him and she has hide his big truth from him for his happiness.
Pinky will turn the game & will reveal before everybody that Shivaay is her real son but to separate Shivika, Pinky had trapped fake illegitimate truth.
Shivaay will get surprised overhearing this truth while everyone is in major shock knowing Pinky's evil truth and big lie.

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