WTF Maya's Extreme and Very dirty humiliating Cheap Move To Get Arjun's Love In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Entertainment Televisions popular soap Beyhadh is all set to showcase its end.
With the continuing thrilling climax the story is unfolding wrenching twist & turn in Arjun Maya and Saanjh’s life.
In the approaching up track Maya kidnapped Saanjh where Arjun reaches to save Saanjh but fails as Maya already shifts Saanjh to another place.
Moving ahead Saanjh is shamed by Maya’s goons &  is praying God to send her Duffer to save her life.
Maya plans a drastic plan to end Saanjh’s life for which she makes Saanjh a Human Bomb.
additionally Arjun reaches Saanjh to save her and finds that she is attached to bomb.
Saanjh doesn’t want to take her Duffer Arjun’s life & she moves away from Arjun in the meantime Maya comes.
Maya is having remote &  threatens Saanjh Arjun that now she will kill Saanjh and will get Arjun.
At the same time Jhanvi comes and slaps Maya, hitting slaps Jhanvi scolds Maya for crossing her every cheap limit &  humiliating Saanjh making Arjun’s life hell.
Let’s see Arjun Jhanvi be able to save Saanjh or not because Saanjh falls from building and Arjun tries to save Saanjh.
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