Truth About Mahi and Shivaay and Truth About Kamini and Pinky's Conspiracy Revealed In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is showcasing a high intensity drama in the current storyline.
So far Pinky has revealed that Shivaay is not illegitimate but she has lie Anika to expel Anika from Oberoi mansion.
Thus the truth has finally come out…
Pinky has lastly vomited the entire the truth before Shivaay that Mahi and Shivaay are not real brothers.
Pinky &  Kaminihad pre-planned to prove Shivaay illegitimate so that Pinky could blackmail Anika and expel Anika from Shivaay’s life.
Thus she revealed that Shivaay Mahi’s DNA reports &  Mahi’s entry in Shivaay’s life was all pre planned by Kamini because Kamini wanted Oberoi’s tag and Pinky required Anika out from Shivaay’s life.
Pinky’s evil truth has come out which had made Shivaay heartbroken but in the meantime Anika OmRu and Oberoi’s have cheered up Shivaay.
Let’s see how Pinky’s evil exit will bring happiness in Shivika’s life.
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