Totally Not Expected and Most Shocking Move By Maya , Maya's Twin Plan Revealed In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony TV’s popular show Beyhadh is grabbling eye-catching twists &  turns in the storyline.
Since Maya died and became alive, the storyline has hooked the viewers to keep an eye on its mystery.
But now the mystery has unfolded unbelievable and unexpected truth of Maya’s mayajaal.
Maya in mental asylum makes welcoming relation with Mansi and confesses her to be Mansi’s best friend.
in front Maya releases Mansi from mental asylum and traps her saying she will give her Maya Malhotra name to live a life of peace.
additional Arjun releases Maya from mental asylum where after Maya meets Mansi and takes her to the Surgeon.
Maya makeovers Mansi into Maya through her Plastic surgery &  makes her another Maya Malhotra.
After killing Vandana Maya calls Mansi to home where Arjun is faint suddenly Maya hits Mansi and she falls down dead.
This was the mystery how Maya trapped Mansi as Maya and planned her fake death drama.
Let’s see after getting death penalty how Maya will revenge Arjun and Saanjh.
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