This Hilarious Twist Will Take Place In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

Ishqbaaz forthcoming chapter is up to high heels for some fun comedy and love tadka.
Shivaay and Anika gets three challenges full of love test and adventure of cooking.
Thus first challenge they get is Cooking Challenge where Shivaay is getting fuss with Anika’s demand for Chaupati Pav Bhaji.
Shivaay also interns Anika with a tough task for cooking Stewed Vegetable Ratatouille with baked up Cappucino Asparagus and Pesto Sauce for him.
This cooking challenge is all set to unfold interesting storyline…
Rudra and Anika will get in fuss as Shivaay’s dish demand makes them go mad while Shivaay and Bhavya are busy in completing challenge.
afterward on Rudra gets an idea and says to  Anika that they will win this task with superb trick.
Rudra and Shivaay’s daily soap heroine drama will make viewers hooked to their chemistry that will make this cooking challenge funny.

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