That's How Maya's Chapter Will End In Sony Tv's Beyhad

In Sony Entertainment Televisions popular soap Beyhadh is showcasing interesting twists and turns since Arjun trapped Maya.
Maya is now wedged helpless in Arjun &  Saanjh’s trap where Maya is called in court for hearing.
Amid the case hearing Maya gets incensed anger and also tries to kill her advocate.
Saanjh presents confirmation against Maya and proves before court that Maya is a murderer.
Ahead this Court drama, Arjun is realizing his love for Saanjh.
Arjun recalls how Saanjh saved him every time and also she tried her best to unveil Maya’s evil face but he was wrong that he had blind trust on Maya.
It will be seen that Arjun realizes that Saanjh’s love for Arjun is true and above selfishness.
furthermore Ayaan also confesses that he should accept Saanjh and forget Maya.
Arjun thus confronts Saanjh and confesses her that he had fall in love with Saanjh.
Saanjh is shocked overhearing Arjun while Arjun asks Saanjh to accept his love and her Duffer is in love with his Dusky.
Will Saanjh accept Arjun’s love?
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