That's How Ishita Come Back to Life From Death Clutches In Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

The forthcoming chapter of Star Plus love saga Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will witness a lot of twist &  turns.
Nikhil gets angry to know that Shagun has told the name of killer to Ishita, he thinks that he will have to kill Ishita else she will expose him after two days.
Nikhil hires sharpshooter to kill Ishita, all the members of the family are ignorant of the fact that Nikhil is planning to kill Ishita.
Later sharpshooter shoots Ishita and she gets shot on her hand, she falls on floor unconscious.
everybody gets shocked, they rushes towards Ishita and tries to wake her up.
Then they all rushes Ishita hospital where doctors declare that her condition is critical.
Bhalla family gets tensed and prays for Ishita’s welfare, finally their prayers brins Ishita back from death bed.

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