Sony Tv's Beyhad: That's How Beyhad Season 1 Will End and make For Season 2

Sony Entertainment Televisions popular soap Beyhadh has come to its climax where the interesting track is well admiring Arjun Maya and Saanjh’s life track.
Here we are back with the latest prediction for all our avid fans…

So far we have seen that Arjun has confessed his love for Saanjh.

Maya gets to know that Arjun only loves Saanjh but not Maya.

Maya is about to kill Arjun &  Saanjh but Jhanvi saves them from Maya’s attack.
It is expected that Arjun will once again confess his love for Dusky Saanjh.

Saanjh has always loved Arjun from heart but never deal him as her obsession.
Saanjh never desires to replace Maya in Arjun’s life as she knows well that Arjun and Maya are true lovers, no matter how Maya treated everyone for Arjun’s love.

Maya is imprisoned for murder case and has to live her whole life in jail.
Over all it seems that Saanjh will reject Arjun’s proposal &  will live alone moving ahead in her life.
Arjun will be left alone and will be seen living his life for others.
It is also expected that Arjun, Maya and Saanjh’s love is sacrificed in this season and will be continued in next season.

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