Shivaay and Anika settle scores In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

In Star Plus most popular daily soap Ishqbaaz viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Shivaay & Anika had cancelled this marriage and were very happy about the same.
On the other Hand , Shivaay &  Anika gets shocked as Omkara and Gauri unaware about the same continues the preparations welcoming the guests.
Shivaay compliments Anika that she is looking beautiful at the same time as Anika too compliments Shivaay & the Anika starts blushing.
Moving ahead, as Ragini has already planted venom amid Shivaay and Anika, Shivaay witnesses Anika wearing ring given by Vikram.
Ragini gives Shivaay’s ring back enlightening that she found it on the floor.
Shivaay fumes in anger while Anika realizes that she wore wrong ring.
Shivaay thus proposes Ragini for marriage and Anika does same and enlightens the same to Vikram.
Thus Shivaay and Anika settles scores by announcing their marriage showcasing tadi to each other.

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