Saanjh-Ayaan stops goons from killing Arjun In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony tv’s romantic thriller Beyhadh will witness a lot of twist and turns in the forthcoming track.
Jailer catches Maya red handed when she was trying to escape from jail and then she locks her in the room that is filled with smoke as her punishment.
Maya feels suffocated and she is not able to respire properly, on the other hand Maya’s goons keep waiting for her call  but when she does not calls them then they decide to kill Arjun by knife attack him with knife.
Goons take out the knife and they were about to stab him with knife but just then Saanjh reaches there with Ayaan.
Saanjh-Ayaan stops goons from killing Arjun & they fights with the goons to save Arjun.

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