Rishi will get shocked on hearing this major revelation In Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki

In Colors daily drama Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Rishi &  Tanya comes to meet Natasha.
Rishi and Tanya spend quality time with Natasha.
at Same  time Rishi was about to leave, Tanuja and Rishi spend a moment where Rishi reveals his eternal love for Tanuja.
In the forthcoming chapter, Rishi will be seen informing Tanuja that he tried to stop Tanuja but she did not listen.
Rishi will also reveal that they would have set up their small world but unfortunately Natasha is Abhishek’s blood.
outrageously, Tanuja will not be able to stop herself and will be seen revealing that Natasha is Rishi’s blood not Abhi’s.
Rishi will get shocked on hearing this major revelation.
Will this revelation unite Rishi with Natasha &  Tanuja?
How will Abhishek react on this revelation?

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