Real Reason Behind Bua Dadi's Hatred Towards Goenka Family Revealed In Star Plus Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai

The Star plus high sensational drama Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai will show some interesting fact ahead in Keerti and Naksh’s wedding ritual.
In the forthcoming chapter Bua Dadiu arranges Suddhikaran Pooja for Keerti…
in the meantime Kartik and Naira stops the pooja and saves Keerti from Bua Dadi and Rukmani’s humiliation of Suddhikaran Pooja.
Naksh also seeks apologize from Keerti and promises from next he will not let anyone to do wrong with Keerti.
Bua Dadi’s angry argument for Naira
It will be seen that after Kartik &  Naksh take Keerti to home, Naira confront Bua Dadi.
Naira asks Bua Dadi as why she always tries to humiliate Goenka family,
Bua Dadi gets incensed anger &  reveals her truth in anger that she hates Goenka family because they have killed Naira’s mother Akshara.
Secondly they never treated Naira as an ideal daughter-in-law in spite Naira does everything for them and bears all pain for Goenka family.
Will Naira be able to change Bua Dadi’s opinion for Goenka family.
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