Pragya to take revenge from Abhi and Purab For This Reason In Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

So far ZEE TV's  soap Kumkum Bhagya has broguht Pragya & Munni's secret twin truth forth.
Pragya is at present taking her breathe in the middle of devil and deep sea aka her life is in danger.
Munni is hereby sacrificing her emotions & is falling in love with Abhi in spite knowing she is doing wrong.
Munni therefore becomes Tanu and Aaliya's puppet thus Aaliya gets irked with Purab and Disha's wedding.
Sangram is beside this gets irritated with Abhi and Pragya aka Munni.
Thus Sangram gets more revengefull for Abhi and Purab's life and now with Pragya too.
Pragya will conquer from comma where expectations say that Pragya will fall in Sangram's trap.
Sangram will kill Pragya or not is yet to solved but surely he will use Pragya to take revenge from Abhi and Purab.

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