OMG OMG Rudra and Anika Beats Shivaay In Star Plus Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming chapter of love saga Ishqbaaz that is telecasted on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.
Anika &  Shivaay have challenged each other in cooking; they have told each other the name of the dish that they want to eat.
Anika says to  Shivaay that she wants to eat Pav Bhaji and Shivaay also says to ANika the name of the dish that he wants to eat.
Rudra's dazzling idea makes ANika win the cooking challenge from Shivaay
in conclusion the cooking confront begins&  all the members of the family are excited to see that who will win the challenge.
Shivaay begins the cook Pav Bhaji but on the other hand Anika is not able to appreciate that how should she make the dish when she is not able to understand the name of the dish.
Anika says to Rudra that she lost the challenge but Rudra get a brilliant idea because of which Anika-Rudra wins the cooking challenge.

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