New Twist To Unfold In Star Plus Show Ishqbaaz

The most popular love drama Ishqbaaz that is telecasted on Star Plus will witness a lot of twist and turns.
Tej’s fake death drama was planned by Tej-Jhanvi and then they did ghost drama to trap Swetlana.
Tej &  Jhanvi wants to get the proof from Swetlana with the help of which she is blackmailing Tej therefore they are doing ghost drama so that they can get that proof from her.
Tej &  Jhanvi gets happy as Swetlana has got trapped in their ghost plan but soon Swetlana finds out about their ghost plan as it is not easy to fool Swetlana.
Swetlana gets really furious to know that Tej-Jhanvi was befooling her, now Swetlana will trap them in their own plan.
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