New Totally Shocking Move By Maya In Sony Tv's Beyhadh

In Sony TV’s popular love saga Beyhadh is showcasing high voltage drama with Maya getting locked up.
by way of Maya gets death sentence, Maya’s purpose to revenge Saanjh and Arjun has become firm.
In the forthcoming chapter Maya will make a plan and will make a lady criminal to her side.
Maya will take her to the hospital when the lady will suffer some minor attack.
In the hospital Maya will act fake to stay in the hospital &  thus she gets success in it.
Arjun will thus go missing where Saanjh and her family will be seen hunting Arjun.
Maya will kidnap Arjun vulnerably and thus she will again plan to kill Saanjh.
It would be interesting to watch as how Maya will win this chasing game.
Or Saanjh will save Arjun?
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