New Cheap And Dirty Trick By Ashok Against Raman Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbtein

In Star plus very popular Show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is recitation eye-catching storyline of Mani’s murder mystery.
In the current chapter we have seen that Shagun’s memory loss drama gets revealed before Ashok.
Beside this Raman and Ishita reaches to Banwari’s house for taking evidence against Mani’s murderer.
The forthcoming chapter will show that Ashok takes Shagun to his house and misleads her.
Ahead it will be seen that Ashok traps Shagun and gives water mixed with drug.
additional Shagun drinks the same and gets faint…
Ashok has come to know that Shagun has regain her memory and for the same he will kidnap Shagun.
In the court hearing Raman &  Shagun will not be able to find Shagun and at last Raman will again get trapped in Mani's murder case...
Let’s see how our bold Ishita will save Raman and Shagun’s life.

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