Munni’s masterstroke to save Abhigya’s love life In Zee Tv's Kumkum Bhagya

In ZEE TV’s most popular & well admired TV series Zee Tv Kumkum Bhagya is at present showcasing Munni & Pragya’s twin mystery.
On one side Munni has replaced Pragya at the same time as on other side Pragya is fighting with her life &  death.
Tanu & Aaliya’s master plan to break Abhi & Pragya’s relation is on head over Munni’s presence in Abhi’s life.
But they are uninformed of fact that they are getting trap in their own evil trap…
So far we have seen that Munni is walking on Tanu &  Aaliya’s footprint to break Abhi & Pragya’s love relation.
in the meantime Munni is getting moving as she is blessed to learn that Abhi loves Pragya passionately.
Munni in the forthcoming chapter will decide to double cross Tanu and Aaliya and save Abhi &  Pragya’s love life.
It will be seen that Munni will follow Aaliya Tanu’s instruction but in the meantime she will pretend good before Abhi and his family.
In her sweet and salty drama Tanu and Aaliya will continue to become fool and Munni will also be able to save Abhigya’s love relation.
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