Mindblowing Twist Ahead In Sony Tv's Beyhad

The forthcoming chapter of Beyhadh will drag story track to its extreme climax.
additional Maya kills Rajeev & easily traps Arjun in Rajeev'smurder case.
furthermore she also blackmails Arjun to accept her love otherwise she will dead Saanjh too.
Arjun stuck in helpless condition does tha same as Maya instructs him.
Beside this Suman Subh and Ayaan are worried about Saanjh and Arjun.
Maya's mayajaal destroyed
Suman &  Subh meets Ayaan and narrates them whole story as how Arjun and Saanjh escaped.
Subh says To  Ayaan that he had traced Maya meanwhile Ayaan Subh traces Saanjh and Arjun and finds the place where Maya has trapped Saanjh.
Ayaan Subh tries to contact Arjun and Saanjh, it would be interesting to watch as how Ayaan Subh Suman and Arjun will save Saanjh from Maya.
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